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Not all Print Jewelry is created equal.  

This image was sent to us by a customer who purchased her first child's footprint pendant from another company. She purchased her second child's footprint pendant from Jak Figler Designs. She was so happy with Jak's quality that she had her first charm remade using Jak's exclusive process.

Not all print jewelry is created equal.   Most wholesale manufacturers use the same process as artists on Etsy. These companies are selling the same low quality prints at several times the cost of items sold on Etsy.

Your Clients Deserve True Quality! Jak's pendants,when making an apples to apples comparison, are less expensive than other wholesale manufacturers. AND, we also offer up to 50% off additional items using the same prints. (details on Special Offers Page)

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We built our business by asking our stores what they wanted to sell.  As our company has grown so has the relationships with our valued retail partners.  

We would be happy to tell you all about our line. You can fill out this form, send us an email or give us a call with any questions you might have.